Course Description

This course is broken into 8 modules which cover Principles for Financial Success, Goal setting process, How to develop a Fully Burdened Budget to maximize your household cash flow and position your self for wealth accumulation; A comprehensive debt elimination strategy; A deep drive on understanding Credit and Credit Scores and The financial cost of conscious and unconscious, systematic, institutional bias on wealth accumulation.

Stewardship is about maximizing the resources you currently have and striving to put yourself in position to leave an inheritance for your children's children. This course is designed to be life changing and paradigm shifting. It provides the financial wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is so often missing from our lives. It is designed to empower and enlighten. You will not be the same after employing the concepts and principles taught in this course. Depending on your situation, the principles and frameworks in this course can enable you and your family to save $200 to $1500 per month and add $100,000 to several million dollars to you projected assets at retirement.


Shawn Rochester

         Shawn D. Rochester is an expert in identifying, optimizing and allocating cash flow to help individuals, families, and organizations achieve their long-term financial goals.  Shawn is a former corporate development and strategy executive who developed world-class cash flow management skills identifying and executing $500 million worth of transactions around the world and helping global business leaders generate over $10 billion of incremental revenue and cash flow.              Shawn spent the last 20 years developing what would become The Good Steward Financial Empowerment Series.  Its powerful financial principles, based on stewardship, ownership and legacy, have helped individuals and families dramatically increase their ability to maximize their cash flow, eliminate their debt and leave a legacy not only for their children, but also for their children’s children.  Shawn and his wife, Delores founded Good Steward LLC (GSL) to provide financial education and advisory services based on the three core principles of stewardship, ownership, and legacy.  Since founding GSL, Shawn has helped clients eliminate millions of dollars of debt, add tens of millions of assets to their retirement plans and position themselves to leave a greater legacy for their children’s children, than many clients thought possible.              Shawn holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from The University of Rochester, and a master’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a focus in Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course 1: The Six Principles For Financial Success

    • The Six Principles For Financial Success

  • 2

    Course 2: Goal Setting & Understanding Your Cash Flow Position

    • Goal-Setting And Understanding Your Cash Flow Position

  • 3

    Course 3: Maximizing Your Household Cash Flow

    • Maximizing Your Household Cash Flow

  • 4

    Course 4: How to Allocate Cash Flow To Fund Ownership And Legacy

    • How to Allocate Cash Flow To Fund Ownership And Legacy

  • 5

    Course 5: Credit - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    • Credit—The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

  • 6

    Course 6: The Current Black Tax

    • The Current Black Tax

  • 7

    Course 7: The Historical Black Tax

    • The Historical Black Tax

  • 8

    Course 8: The High Cost of the Black Tax, and The Power of PHD and SOuL to Eliminate it

    • What Can We Do About The Black Tax

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